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One service that our steel fabricators regularly provide clients in and around the Richmond area is the design, fabrication and installation of steel staircases. Their popularity is in no way surprising; as access solutions, steel staircases have a lot going for them.


On this page, we’ve listed a number of reasons why our steel engineers are keen to recommend them to homeowners, companies and industrial entities around the Richmond area. Interested in another aspect of MS Engineering & Building Services Ltd’s steelwork? Don’t hesitate to call us on 0208 941 0896.


Strength – The first thing you might think of when someone mentions the word steel is its sheer strength. Forged from iron and carbon, steel is vastly superior to timber in the strength department, and this goes some way to explaining its popularity amongst Richmond construction firms. But even on a domestic level, strength is a sought after quality, contributing toward the structural integrity of the building in which it is installed.


Malleability – Despite how tough it is, steel is very malleable and can be moulded into just about any shape you can think of. This gives our Richmond clients real freedom of choice when it comes to the design of steel staircases. Whether it’s a straight flight, multiple flights running in parallel or perhaps a modern spiral staircase, you’re only really limited by your own imagination.


Corrosion Resistance – Steel is corrosion resistant, making it a fantastic option for open air environments, unlike timber which is prone to rotting and warping, and other metals which can rust when exposed to water.


Durability – Steel fabricators are quick to boast about the durability of all types of steelwork, and for good reason! Whether it’s steel balustrades, steel staircases or any other construction made from the hardy material –they’re going to last a long time. Immune to many problems that plague competing materials, termites in timber, for example. When you invest in steel you know you have a product for life that won’t let you down.

Ease of Installation – Our steel engineers have been installing all types of steelwork in the Richmond area, including steel staircases, for over two decades now. It’s a quick and easy process when compared with building a timber staircase from scratch, as our steel fabricators have already created the staircase at our factory near Richmond. We’ll bring it to your domestic, commercial or industrial residence and before you know it, it’ll be setup and ready for use.


Whatever aspect of steelwork you’re interested in, give MS Engineering & Building Services Ltd a call. Our steel engineers and steel fabricators are versatile and offer a broad range of services and products to the Richmond area.

Don’t fall foul of UK and EU regulation. For your next project, use the materials and processes offered by our Surrey steel engineers. Call us today on 0208941 0896.


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